Chairman's Message

Teachers and dear students,

At the outset let me wish you all a very good morning and Congratulations to the Principal & Team of teachers for their efforts in creating the website of our School!

Dear students,

You are the future promise of our nation and it is you, who will have to take positive step to get rid of the social problems. Determination and will power can help you win life’s battle irrespective of all hurdles that come across your path. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and never lose hope. India of the future resides in young minds. We have to utilize the education system to the fullest to decide its destiny.


You have the power to change the world. Every successful life has a sacrifice behind it. The greater is the success, the greatest will be the sacrifice. Parents’ sacrifice make the child grow.

A teacher’s sacrifice makes the student a successful person. The finest present, one can give to a child would be to teach him to know himself and to master himself. So, let us join hands together and make our institution the greatest world of knowledge.

I wish to see everyone’s contribution to our school website to view a continuous progress of our institution.

S. Satbinder Singh Saini


Sri Guru Singh Sabha

Gurunanak English High School and Jr. Collage

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