Let’s take up a school round up.

A spectacular, classic and elegant marble gate common for Gurudawara & our school gives a warm welcome. Our school is located in the heart of town having L Shaped magnificent four storied school building for Pre-primary, Primary, secondary and Junior college. It also consists of a beautiful Gurudawara, small botanical garden, clinic, library and canteen. Open spacious space between school and Gurudawara has a lush green grass on one side and a tiled area on the other. This wide area provides ample space for various outdoor activities like assembly, classroom without walls &various sports. It also serves as an open auditorium accommodating 2000 spectators. The open space fills the young mind with love & respect for the school which truly is their second home. Huge trees one side of building talk volumes about 5 decades of great efforts put in by the Pioneers.



Classroom is the world to the student in school. It is in the classroom where dream erupts in delicate minds. Our School has 26 Classrooms. Each class room is well ventilated with proper connection of tube lights and fans .Each classroom is provided with green board along with smart board to enhance learning with traditional as well as modern technique.


The laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are equipped in accordance with the syllabus and specification of Maharashtra State Board. The lab is flourished with adequate apparatus so that each child can perform experiment individually.


Sri Gurudawara Hall is multipurpose auditorium. It provides an elegant functional and versatile space for teacher and gathering for kinds. It is equipped with fans and tube lights for successful get-together.


Mid-day meal is imperative for students of STD V – VIII which serve balanced and nutritious vegetarian snacks.


Our school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Medical is open thought out the school day medical is immediately provided to needy children by professional Doctors.


In today’s complex world, student’s future is determined by their ability to master in the basic Education In order to facilitate it. E-Learning is installed in each classroom. It reintroduces the learning skill and makes the concept crystal clear.


Sports room presents opportunities for developing muscles and mind. It is equipped with the wide range of game equipments like dodge ball, throw ball, dumbbells, badmintons, lezim etc. The sports room gives chance to the students to enhance their physical strength and concentration and to become an individual having health mind in healthy body.


Water is a driving force of all nature. We provide pure drinking water 24*7 to our student blended with cooler facility.


we have an extremely sophisticated computer lab furnished with nearly 75 computers. In our Lab, every child performs computer experiments individually and become computer literate but also carries on advanced studies. There is an access to internet connection which is as per demand of new ‘ICT’ subject of IX & X Std. It also provides computer facility to our students of Junior college of Commerce for their commercial accounts and financial purposes.


Our School takes pride to provide our student the benefit given by Government of Maharashtra. Therefore we distribute free textbooks to our student of STD V-VII which is sponsors by Education department of the state.


There is provision of canteen facility within the school campus which provides nutritional snacks to the students as check and approved by school authorities. The quality of food and hygiene of canteen is checked regularly.


We have an extremely lavish staffroom which accommodates the staff of 50 at a time. It caters to teachers of Secondary and Primary Section. Adequate shelves and lockers are provided to the teachers to keep the records of the students, their journals and submission materials.


The library is a temple of learning and learning has liberated more people than all wars in history. There is no friend as loyal as a book. Book leaves a person with experiences of life. We have an extravagant library in our School which has a collection of different books. Our School has a massive library stuffed with a huge number of books which is very rich collection of literature and knowledge. Our library is a true university.

It is enriched by 3500 books available in languages like English, Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi. Library is a soul of learning process. It has various books which impart knowledge. It has a variety of books like Story books, autobiographies, biographies, novels, encyclopedias etc.

The Motto of our library is “READ MORE, LEARN MORE”.


Absence of electricity does not hinder the school activities in our school. We provide generator facility for our students which reassure the flow of teaching in class room, practical in laboratory, reading in library, and documentation in office in absence of electricity.


We have fully air conditioned office where entire data entry and documentation work related to school takes place by efficient staff. The school office is thrived with adequate computers and printers to speed up official work.


There is a provision of CCTV Camera throughout the open space of school, in corridors, lab and office which keep an eye to all the activities of the students. Thus behavior of students is perfectly supervised by this invisible eye.


Our School believes in right to pee for every individual. We have provision for washrooms for girls and boys separately in both wings of our school building which is duly cleaned by the cleaners. 24 hours water provision is available in toilets.


there are corridors in each floor which are sufficient for our students to have Tiffin during recess and walk around while going for P.T or practical.

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