Secretary's Message

Congratulations to the Principal & the Team of our School for creating a Website of our school!

Dear Students,

You are here to learn, to receive instructions, to imbibe teachers’ knowledge diligently. It will make you wise, just and responsible. Now it is time to shape your destiny under them. Be serious, aware and ready to absorb what teachers impart.

They will take you to road of success and triumph. Learn to grow physically and mentally. You are the future, let it be bright, full of hope, joy and integrity.

Dear Teachers,

Teachers have a very noble and challenging vocation. You shape clay into an imposing figure. It takes care, diligence and a fine sense of understanding to mould the future of students into upright citizens who are ready to face the world.

We are indebted to you as you remove darkness of ignorance with knowledge and wisdom without bias of race and culture. You impart education as a mission entrusted to you with dignity and sagacity.

Dear Parents,

You are the motivator of your children’s future. They look upon you to lead them and guide them in the right direction. Sense and understand their talent and aptitude. Help them to grow morally and spiritually. Make them upright and better human beings.

You are the best judge of your sons and daughters, make them feel proud of you by your conduct and august behavior.

I am happy to see that this message is flashed on our School’s website.

All best wishes!

S. Harinder Singh Saini


Sri Guru Singh Sabha

Gurunanak English High School and Jr. Collage

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